Is Deodorant Unhealthy?


A new study published by Science claims that products like insecticides, glue, paint, deodorant and air-fresheners produce more health impacting ozone and fine particulate matter than car fumes do.

This is largely because the cleanup of car exhaust over the past decades has made it second place to other menaces.

The study focused on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) derived from petroleum, which are harmful to the lungs.

Collecting air samples in Pasadena of Los Angeles county, the team found that although people use 15 times more gasoline and diesel than home products by volume, home products were responsible for 38% of the VOC emissions while fuel emissions only contributed 32%.



  1. Please bear in mind that often NOT using deodorant is unhealthy…for those around you…gagging never is, you know. (By the way, most of that unpleasantness is caused by the breakdown of sugar, and people who manage to wean themselves off of it, are more pleasant to be around.) Just commenting.

  2. This reminds me of when Rav Gershon Lopian zt”l of London once began a shiur on the halochos of the nine days with the words “Raboisai,i’me sorry but as much as i have tried i just cannot find a heter for someone to stink during the nine teig !”……

    • I hate to break the news to us Ashkenazim: the Sephardim don’t have such strict restrictions on bathing during the Nine Days. Not because Gedolei Ashkenaz felt their fellow Jews need this restriction in order to feel aveilus, but simply because in Europe summers are a lot more tolerable (overall) than Arab lands, and, yes, New York and Bnei Brak. People probably were used to a higher level of “fragrances” without it bothering them than we are today. Don’t forget, the Middle Ages in Europe were nicknamed “a thousand years without a bath.” Well, those days are over. So wash up, using cooler (not cold – it ain’t gonna do the trick) water, as quick as you can, and yes, use deodorant even if you might not always. In any case, this discussion (the Nine Days) is academic because Moshiach will be here by then.

  3. Well…!!
    There’s always the roll on or clinical strength roll on which is the BEST and most productive at all times.

  4. oh my goodness, gimme a break…. hertz shoyn owf mashuga tzee machen. every day u find something else that’s unhealthy. whats next?

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