Is Coffee Dangerous?


A California judge ruled that coffee companies must display a warning that coffee carries a cancer risk. This was due to the discovery that acrylamide, a substance naturally produced during the coffee roasting process, increased cancer-risk in rodents when fed to them in mega quantities.

NCAU (National Coffee Association USA) issued a statement in response to the judge’s decision saying:

“Coffee does not increase the risk of cancer. In fact, coffee drinkers have a lower incidence than non-coffee drinkers of several of the most common cancer types… More than 500 published, high quality peer-reviewed human studies, covering several million people, concluded that no connection exists between coffee and cancer. In fact, studies instead show that coffee drinkers have lower rates of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure and overall mortality than non-coffee drinkers.”

NCAU noted that acrylamide forms in foods naturally as an unavoidable by-product of the browning process. Hundreds of such foods include bread, cereals, and cooked vegetables.



  1. It figures this would come from the West Coast. This judge is trying to be an activist judge and profess to rule over the realm of health and medicine which is not his area. He thinks he has discovered something he must protect his public from. Pathetic!

  2. Living in California, the state with the highest immorality and lawlessness is much worse than drinking coffee.
    Living in California, the state who wants to ban the Bible and criminalize book stores who sell them, is much worse than drinking coffee.
    Living in California, the state that requires mandatory vaccination even though they’re aware that in 2017 the number of children diagnosed with autism entering kindergarten in California has jumped 17% since 2015, is much worse than drinking coffee.

      • Facts are facts whether you like it or not even if mainstream is covering up the truth and scientists who discover dangerous particles in vaccines are murdered or their homes raided – facts are facts.

        Once you’ll read real media you’ll be in for a total shock how you were kept in the dark all these years, and you’ll understand who are the real rodfim.

        • Sorry, but it’s the anti-vacc crowd who are always demanding labels warning against cancer. I would bet this judge only eats organic food, has a chirocpracter and reflexologist, and doesn’t vaccinate.

        • “Real Media”
          Rumor-mongering, baseless, unscientific lies put forth without evidence by liars and their lunatic blind-to-the-facts followers.

      • Anti vaccers are not out to kill anyone. Stop calling them rodfim!! They just want to decide on their own with their own doctor, what medications to give their children!! Stop calling people names fellow jews nuch!!

    • The autism-vaccine link has been thoroughly discredited and the author was forced to retract and lost his medical license.
      The reason more and more children are DIAGNOSED with autism has nothing to do with vaccines or any other external factor. It only has to do with the vast amounts of government money available for therapy, special ed., etc.

  3. The following warning label should be placed at the entrance to this judge’s chambers:

    “Ignorance can be educated and crazy can be medicated but there’s no cure for stupid”

  4. Yeh yeh yeh. Drink a cup of coffee in the mornings and you’ll be dead by 20. What a bunch of hogwash. Yeh, eat non-organic fruits and vegetables and you’ll get cancer. Pollution from passing cars won’t let you live till 30.

  5. Is Coffee Dangerous?
    Indirectly, yes it can be. Do not stand between a cup of coffee and it’s intended drinker, especially if it’s their first cup of coffee in the morning.


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