Irgun Shiurai Torah’s WorldWide Shovavim Project Begins Anew


Irgun-Shiurai-TorahIt’s Shovavim time of year again, and tens of thousands of Yidden are gearing up to attend Irgun Shiurai Torah’s annual lectures on the halachos and hashkafos of the home. Those who are zoche to attend these shiurim recognize its unparalleled chashivus. Those who do not yet attend are asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?”

Plenty, say the askonim and askoniyos who work tirelessly for months to ensure that the program runs smoothly in over one hundred American cities plus thirty countries throughout the world. Plenty, say the Rabbonim and community leaders who see a remarkable difference in the ruchniyus and well-being of their Kehilos. Plenty, say the many men and women who have discovered the secret to a happy and successful marriage filled with kedusha and tahara.

Shovavim is an acronym for the coming parshios of Shemos, Va’era, Bo, Beshalach, Yisro, and Mishpatim. According to the Ari Z’l, these six weeks represent a special time for teshuva. That’s why Irgun Shiurai Torah designated these cold winter weeks as the perfect opportunity to spiritually strengthen Klal Yisroel.

What’s the secret to Shovavim’s success? The lectures teach us how to rejuvenate our marriage and reconsider our lives. According to one Irgun spokesman, “People are so busy with parnassah, with their daily routines, and with social obligations, that they barely have time to consider their own and their spouse’s needs.” Irgun Shiurai Torah invites us to take a step back and reevaluate our family life. Is there real kedusha in our house? Does a simchas hachayim emanate from our home environment? Do we share a caring relationship with our spouse? Shovavim allows us to bring a refreshing and spiritual perspective to our marriage. Its effect is very powerful and lasts for many years.

If you think you know it all already, you may want to reconsider. If you feel that Shovavim is for beginners or newlyweds, you’re making a big mistake. Those who benefit most from these shiurim are people like you. Sure you’re heimish and ehrlich. You daven properly and attend a learning seder every day. You may even be the ultimate ba’al chesed in your neighborhood. But there’s a good chance that over the years you may have forgotten or neglected to perform these vital mitzvos properly. Shovavim teaches you how.

Said one ba’al habayis who wishes to remain anonymous, “I’m embarrassed to say that, after twenty five years of marriage, I discovered that there are fundamental halachos which I wasn’t even aware of. Here I am marrying off my own children, yet it looks like it’s my turn to learn these basic halachos all over again.”
It takes tremendous planning, organizing, and mesiras nefesh to get the massive Shovavim project off the ground. It also takes immeasurable siyata dishmaya. Irgun Shiurai Torah’s askonim are a determined lot. They’ve been manning the phones for months already, ensuring that each lecture in every city runs smoothly. Their greatest nachas is calling someone on the other side of the world, and hearing him say,

“Hello Shovavim I’ve been waiting for your call”

In Eretz Yisroel alone, the success of Shovavim has been phenomenal. Last year, it was the source of a spiritual revolution throughout the land. Just in terms of achdus, it was amazing The program encompassed nearly all the communities of Eretz Yisroel, including religious and non-religious, chareidi, chassidish, yeshivish, sefardi, ashkenazi and everyone else in between. Ehrliche teachers and Rabonim traveled to distant kibbutzim and moshavim in order to teach those who were unfamiliar with the halachos. The hatzlacha of the program exceeded all expectations. Irgun askanim speak in awe of the great siyata dishmaya that allowed this special miracle to take place.

The Shovavim project easily rivals any other international campaign in terms of scope and effectiveness. Starter packages filled with information are mailed out from the Irgun’s central office to communities across the United States and Canada. Thousands upon thousands of phone calls are made and e-mails are sent, reaching the remotest destinations all over the world. The Irgun’s fax machines work twenty four hours a day sending out reams of information about programs and scheduled events. The Irgun’s central office is a hub of relentless activity, busier than the world’s biggest corporations. Most Irgun askonim will sheepishly admit that they haven’t slept properly in weeks.

Askonim get to hear the most remarkable stories. According to one askan, “A woman told us her own amazing story. After being married and childless for many years she decided to teach the halachos of taharas hamishpacha as a special zechus. Hashem blessed her shortly afterwards, and she was zoche to start a family. But that’s not all, after giving her class, two women approached her and told her that they were worried. Perhaps keeping the halachos would make it more difficult for them to have children. She told them that she is a living example of the opposite being true ‘Just look at me!’ she said with tremendous courage and enthusiasm.  ‘I promise you that if you keep these halachos you will be zoche to have a child just like me!’ Within a year, both women were blessed with the zechus of having children!

The magic of Shovavim affects people all over the world. A yungerman who had no children also decided to become an askan for Irgun Shiurai Torah. He worked days and nights arranging and organizing the shiurim. Last year he called the Shovavim office with wonderful news. He had just become the father of multiples.

It’s not easy organizing the Shovavim lectures. At times, it can be downright disheartening. When one particular community was called about hosting lectures in their city, the response was, “Sorry, our community is not interested.” The askan was deeply disappointed. A short time later, the phone rang at the Irgun office. It was another member of that very same community. “I saw your advertisements for Shovavim lectures,” the enthusiastic person said. “Could you please organize them in my area?”

Apparently, there are still people out there who don’t recognize the significance of the Shovavim project. They still think it’s just for the other guy. But Irgun askonim are working to change all that. And they are asking the community to help. All those who believe strongly in the efforts of Irgun Shiurai Torah are encouraged to volunteer their time and their services to assist the Irgun’s askonim. “We’re pleading with the olam to help us,” said one exhausted askan. “We may be working twenty four hours a day. But we will not rest until every Jewish community in the world is included in the Shovavim project.”

What’s in it for you? The special zechus of being mezake the rabbim, of course, and the immeasurable sechar that will reward your efforts. By personally attending the shiurim, you have the ability to change your life. And by supporting this vital project, you can change the lives of countless others. For more information contact Irgun Shiurai Torah at 718-853-3950 or 718.851.8651 or emal to ist@thejnet or

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  1. By the way, Irgun Shiurai Torah has an office in Eretz Yisroel as well. For information on shiurim (there are many in english) and for help arranging shiurim you can call them.
    Their number is 052-762-4031.


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