Ireland Summons Israeli Ambassador Over Deaths Of Gaza Rioters


Ireland’s Foriegn Affairs Minister Simon Coveney has summoned the Israeli ambassador to a meeting to express Ireland’s “shock and dismay” at the level of death and injury yesterday on the Gaza Strip, and to call for restraint from Israel in the hours and days ahead.

Ambassador Ze’ev Boker was asked to attend a meeting at the Department of Foreign Affairs at Iveagh House in Dublin. 59 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during protests along the Gaza border against the US embassy opening in Jerusalem.

Ireland, according to Coveney’s spokesperson, is also “very disturbed” by the level of injuries suffered by health workers tending to the injured, as reported by the World Health Organisation.

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  1. They probably identify with terrorist in general, being that the Irish Have been committing terrorist attacks against Britain for a century.


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