Iranian TV Airs Simulated Bombing Of Tel Aviv, US Aircraft Carrier


iranian-tv-airs-simulated-bombing-of-tel-aviv-us-aircraftIranian state TV on Friday ran a documentary featuring a computerized video of Iran’s drones and missiles bombing Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ben Gurion Airport and the Dimona nuclear reactor in a hypothetical retaliation for an Israeli or American strike on the Islamic Republic.

Iranian drones and missiles are also shown carrying out simulated strikes on the American aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, downing American aircraft and striking American military targets in the Persian Gulf.

The film, entitled “The Nightmare of Vultures,” opens with Supreme Leader Khamenei addressing military academy graduates in 2011, warning: “Anybody who thinks of attacking the Islamic Republic of Iran should be prepared to receive strong slaps and iron fists from the Armed Forces. And America, its regional puppets and its guard dog – the Zionist regime – should know that the response of the Iranian nation to any kind of aggression, attacks or even threats will be a response that will make them collapse from within,” the film shows him saying.

Set to dramatic music, the video shows Iranian drones and missiles carrying out strikes against Tel Aviv’s Kikar Hamedina square, the Azrieli Towers skyscrapers, and the IDF’s Kirya central command complex, as well as Ben Gurion International Airport, Haifa’s Technion, several army and air force bases, and the nuclear reactor in Dimona.

The strike on the Israel’s central command building is shown taking place while former prime minister Ehud Olmert and former defense minister Amir Peretz – who served in that capacity during the 2006 Second Lebanon War – are inside convening a meeting.

The clips of drone strikes on Israel are interspersed with shots of Israeli emergency personnel evacuating injured Israeli civilians and soldiers while air raid sirens wail.

A barrage of missiles brings down Tel Aviv’s skyscrapers in a final blow.

Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Look to the future. Iran is making daily statements of their own “prowess”. I saw 3 separate stories today alone.

    To me, this means that they are basically dying.

  2. #1: Seriously? No.

    #2: Right on the money. Iran boasts of all sorts of alleged military accomplishments. They are all – every one of them – paper tigers. Meanwhile the US and Israel are quietly plotting Iran’s containment, if not destruction.

  3. I wish it meant they are basically dying. I saw how they used the ceremony in Tunsia to rail against the U.S. and Israel, calling Israel a “cancerous tumor.” They’re very clear in their intentions, it looks to me.


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