Iranian Spy Was a Quds Force Professional


ali-mansouriThe Iranian spy apprehended in Israel on Sept. 11, Ali Mansouri, was a quality asset – an Iranian national with a foreign passport. He was a professional who underwent prolonged training (more than a year) that included various methods of intelligence gathering, with an emphasis on photography. He was very careful to keep his identities and passports separate (using his Belgian passport exclusively to enter Israel and travel in Europe and his Iranian passport for visits to Iran).

The Iranians sent Mansouri on well-planned missions, leading Israel to believe that he was not the only agent sent by Iran to spy on Israel. He was sent by the Quds Force – the extraterritorial operational arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards that operates terror networks and orchestrates attacks in Argentina, Thailand, India and elsewhere. Thus it stands to reason that when the Quds Force sends a spy on a mission, the intelligence gathered will ultimately be used to perpetrate a terror attack.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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