Iranian Official Denies That Foreign Minister Spoke Out Against The Holocaust


iranian-foreign-minister-javad-zarifThe Iranian Foreign Ministry clarified the Islamic Republic’s stance on the Holocaust and Israel after Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was quoted over the weekend speaking out against the Holocaust.

According to reports, at a security conference in Munich, Germany on Sunday, Zarif remarked that the Holocaust “tragically cruel and should not happen again.”

“We have nothing against the Jews. We do not feel threatened by anyone,” Zarif said, Al-Arabiya reported.

But Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hassan Qashqavi denied the reports about Zarif, saying that his boss was misquoted.

“In a phone conversation that I had with Mr. Zarif he completely rejected the remarks attributed to him and declared that the Islamic Republic’s stance about the [Zionist] regime is what has been repeatedly announced by the country’s diplomacy apparatus and this stance has not changed,” Qashqavi told Iran’s state-run Fars News Agency.


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