Iranian Group Offers $100,000 Reward For Bombing U.S. Embassy In Yerushalayim


An Iranian student group has said it will pay $100,000 to anyone who is able to destroy the newly opened U.S. embassy in Yerushalayim.

The Iranian Justice Seekers Student Movement—has distributed posters calling for attacks on the embassy. In English, Arabic and Farsi, the fliers say the group “will support anybody who destroys the illegal American embassy in Jerusalem.”

The group claimed it would pay a $100,000 reward to whoever destroys the facility. The distribution of the posters was first reported by the Farsi-language regional news website University Student News Network. Read more at NEWSWEEK.




    • These were some who were bribed off to make the Obama Iran nuclear deal. There were man more Western officials who were bribed to pass the deal. A subject that mainstream is covering up.


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