Iran Opens Amusement Park to Teach Kids to Fight Israel, USA


The City of Games for Revolutionary Children in Mashhad, Iran, is open free of charge to children aged 8 through 13. In the park, Memri reports, the children wear military uniforms and undertake activities simulating fighting the enemies of the Islamic Revolution.

At 12 stations, children can launch plastic missiles and fire plastic bullets at targets such as Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, U.S. and Israeli flags, and members of the Saudi royal family.

At the final station, children are blindfolded and asked to throw a ball at a puzzle of an Israeli flag and knock it down.

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  1. Wow, very educational. I wonder if Booker plans on visiting this free amusement park. They can install a kosher eaterie with a mashgiach timidi by the Neturei Karta.

  2. It is sad to figure out how many generations it will take before they become a member of civilization, where instead of killers will become artists, doctors, lawyers, etc. again. They seem to keep throwing away their people for hate and intolerance of anyone not like them.


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