Iran Nuclear Program Has Seen Hundredfold Increase In Centrifuges Since 2006


iran-nuclear-power-plantIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, commenting during his Sunday cabinet meeting on last week’s nuclear talks in Geneva, noted that the Iran nuclear program has seen more than a hundredfold increase in centrifuges since 2006. He said the right way to approach Iran is to “increase the pressure” on the country.

“We must not forget that the Iranian regime has systematically misled the international community,” Netanyahu said. “In 2006, Iran had 167 centrifuges. Today, despite all the bans and all the promises, they have over 18,000 centrifuges, i.e., the number of centrifuges has increased over a hundredfold during the talks in which they have been called upon to halt the production of centrifuges related to enrichment.”


{ Newscenter}


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