Iran Needs ‘No One’s Permission’ to Build Up Missiles, Rouhani Says


Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani struck a defiant tone on Saturday, saying the country would seek “no one’s permission” to build up its missile capability despite warnings from Western leaders. “The strengthening of the capability of the Iranian armed forces … is only for defending the country and we will ask no one’s permission to build up the armed forces, and to build missiles and aircraft,” Rouhani said at an event showing off military equipment today.

Rouhani, who is hoping to win a second four-year term in May elections, said that “there is a need for vigilance.” Iran does not have “aggressive aims, but peace is not a one-way road and if we decide to be peaceful the other party … may not,” he said. U.S. President Donald Trump vowed to put an end to Iran’s missile program during his election campaign, and warned after a balllistic missile test in January that Tehran was “playing with fire.” Read more.



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