Iran Deal Set For January 20


united-nations-genevaThe temporary agreement between Iran and six world powers reached in November to curb its nuclear program will go into effect on January 20 officials confirmed toay.

The agreement will be in place for six months during which time Iran will stop uranium enrichment above five percent, its current stockpile will be diluted or converted, and it will not build any new centrifuges.

The deal is intended to give international negotiators time to complete a more permanent, comprehensive accord. Read more at the New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. im sure this will definitely work & stop nuclear weapons from being made & used…

    fools… this will give them 6 additional months to prepare more behind the backs of the USA & the foolish muslim obamanation

    i.e. the USA will never learn the truth. that the Obamanation is only doing this cause he can’t go against his muslim brothers in iran. this is not the USA doing this, its all the obamanation.

    things will only get worse after the 6 months are up & the USA will be in for a big shock, as iran will have 6 months of additional war backup & the USA will have nothing & not be prepared for war with iran


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