Iran Continues Nuclear “Research” and “Development” Under Interim Deal


iran-arak-heavy-water-reactorIran will be permitted to continue research and development on its nuclear enrichment program under the interim Geneva deal signed by the P5+1 and Iran.

During a conference call with reporters on Monday, when asked by a reporter about Iranian nuclear research and development, the White House said Iran could continue its “current enrichment R&D practices.”

“It-I mean, their commitment is to continue their current enrichment R&D practices, and those are the practices that are laid out in the November Director General’s report,” said one of two senior administration officials on the press briefing, the Washington Free Beacon reported. “This-that’s been documented, and that’s what they were-that’s what they will continue to do,” the White House official added.

Meanwhile, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani boasted that world powers surrendered to Iran’s will in the agreement.

“Our relationship w/ the world is based on Iranian nation’s interests. In #Geneva agreement world powers surrendered to Iranian nation’s will,” Rouhani tweeted Tuesday.


{ Newscenter}


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