Iran Claims Think Tank Says It Can Hit Dimona Nuclear Reactor


dimonaIranian media say a U.S. think tank reports Tehran can strike the “Israeli nuclear complex at Dimona or the Israeli airbases without drawing the United States into a war.”

According to an Arutz Sheva report, The state-controlled Fars News Agency reported Wednesday that “a group of U.S. presidential advisers at the Wilson Center warned that Iran could engage in at least token missile/rocket strikes against the attacker, targeting sites in Israel or U.S. facilities in the region.”

The advisers allegedly said that the Obama administration should avoid any military adventurism against Iran because it could backfire.

“According to unclassified estimates, Iran probably has at least two dozen and possibly more than 100 conventionally armed ballistic missiles capable of striking most of the region, including Israel,” the think tank was reported to have said.

{ Israel New Bureau}


  1. #1 Are you Moshe Rabeinu speaking these words binevuah???
    What are you basing your promises on?

    Of course we should learn Torah and do chesed. But that does not mean that when it’s dangerous we should not resort to the ways of Ya’akov who did the following hishtadlus on his encounter with Eisav:
    1) Tfilla
    2) Doron ( see how and if applicable)
    3) Milchomo ( which means to seek refuge in the words of Ramban itroduction to Vayishlach)


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