Iran Calls Israel “Rabid Dog” Amid Nuclear Talks


hassan-rouhani1Talks to rein in Iran’s nuclear program resumed today in Geneva with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani saying he seeks a “win-win” for his nation and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei calling Israel the “rabid dog” of the Middle East.

Khamenei, in a speech to tens of thousands of volunteer Basij militiamen in Tehran that was broadcast live on Iran’s Press TV, said Iran will “not step back one iota from our rights,” according to Israel Hayom. Khamenei’s audience responded with chants of “Death to America.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Oh come on! John Kerry says we should ignore what they say. They’re only joking! The Iranian leaders love Israel & Israelys. John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) says Israel is just being paranoid. Now, the keri would never lie.


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