Iran Bribed Turkish Cabinet Ministers to Bypass Sanctions


iranian-missile-launchersOn Dec. 17, the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office detained more than 80 people for involvement in a bribery ring working to benefit the Iranian deep state. Media reported that the Iranian Reza Zarrab, under orders of the Iranian Babak Zanjani, was observed by investigators bribing four Turkish Cabinet ministers.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Akif Okur from Gazi University said Sunday that Zanjani is a “businessmen who has ties with the Revolutionary Guards. He is someone who tries to bypass economic sanctions imposed upon Iran.” “In 2010, nearly half of the Iranian economy fell under the control of the Revolutionary Guard.”

“Oil extracted in Iran is sold to third countries. The revenues are transferred to Iran in the form of cash or gold. Of course, because the system is illegal, the transactions in the third countries have to involve bribery or blackmail. The mediators of course receive their entitlements and commissions.”

Zanjani “changes the [listed] origin of the oil he extracts in Iran in the ports of third countries, including Malaysia and Tanzania. In small ports, he transfers the oil from one tank to another. He changes the origin of the oil and sells it at a more reasonable price.”

“It is known that they are fairly active in Tajikistan….Likewise, it became apparent that 150 companies were established in Georgia as affiliates of the Revolutionary Guard.” “Iran had $2 billion in Zanjani’s hands.” “Bribery and blackmail are part of the political system in Iran.”

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Iran is desperately reaching out to any and all countries willing to help them (for money, political, or whatever reason) bypass the sanctions.

    Turkey is only one example. There are several others.


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