Iran ‘Handing Out Torches To Pyromaniacs’ On All Fronts, IDF Chief Says


idf-benny-gantzFor Israel, there is “no front where Iran is not involved, handing out torches to pyromaniacs, with munitions and rockets,” Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz told reporters during a tour of the Golan Heights on Sunday.

Commenting on the nuclear negotiations that world powers are conducting with Iran, Gantz said “a nuclear Iran is dangerous for the world, the region, and Israel-in that order.”

“I hope that international pressure on Iran will continue in a way that keeps Iran from renewing its military nuclear program,” he said, Israel Hayom reported.

Gantz said the ongoing transfer of weapons from Syria to Lebanon was “not a good thing” and is a “sensitive topic,” adding that things “could happen” from time to time, a possible reference to Israeli military action to prevent such transfers.

In Gaza, “Hamas and the other [terrorist] organizations are continually building up their strength,” Gantz said.


{ Israel}


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