IRAC Group Raises Ruckus Over El-Al Flight Attendants “Pressuring” Women to Change Seats


Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) is now ramping up its campaign to protest the fact that El Al occasionally asks women to change seats to accommodate religious male passengers who ask not to be seated next to a woman.

Last week, an incident on an El Al flight made the news and social media when a flight from New York to Israel was delayed by over 75 minutes after a group of religious men asked not to sit next to women on their flight. After an hour, two women were asked by flight attendants to move their seats so that the flight could take off.

Two years ago, Renee Rabinowitz, a Holocaust survivor, turned to the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) to represent her in her lawsuit against El Al after a similar incident when she claimed she was “pressured” by a flight attendant to move because the religious man seated beside her refused to sit next to her.

One year ago, Renee won, and in-flight seat changes based on gender were ruled illegal.

The Magistrate Court ruled that El Al must pay Renee damages, clearly define in their policies about in-flight seat change requests, and train all in-flight staff in how to respond to such incidents.

Anat Hoffman, Executive Director of IRAC, is leading the fight against El Al. She said, “We at IRAC plan to remind El Al that it is operating illegally, and is breaching the commitment it made a year ago. We call on all women who have experienced discrimination on an El Al flight to contact us with their stories – we are here for you.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. It’s amazing how a few dozen lunatic reform women off the wall can continue such trouble. Why can’t the chareidim flex their muscles. We are the fastest growing group.

  2. With all due respect, if you are not comfortable sitting next to a lady, whether halachically mandated or not, you move, don’t make her move. There is no reason to make anyone else move because of your shittos. I would imagine that non of our gedolim ever asked a lady to move for them.

  3. Those women who raise a ruckus over changing their seats are no doubt typical intolerant leftists who hate religious Jews. Had a Muslim asked them to change, El Al would comply instantly and it would not even be on the news.

  4. I am a woman and I ask the flight attendants on El Al to change my seat to sit next to a woman. I feel safer and more comfortable for a long flight in squeezed quarters. Isn’t that just common sense?

  5. Why doesn’t EL AL have a small section for men only?? It can be in an area not too popular and this way they can accommodate all and not have this craziness. Just a suggestion.

  6. when you buy a seat, you are buying the right to sit in that seat. not to dictate to everyone else where they can or cannot sit. It is a nerve and a chutzpah that EL AL puts up with this nonsense. these guys should have been taken off the plane. No reason why 300passengers should be delayed 75 minutes because of the selfishness of 4 people.

  7. This situation is happening on almost every flight where chasidish yidden travel just on ELAL it’s more often as more heimisha people travel remember it’s NY/TEL AVIV, saying so we have to understand the real reason behind it, the real reason is because heimisha chasidish people have a lifestyle of more boundaries the real erlicha yid will watch not to look at a strange woman and for sure not touch a strange woman not because of discrimination but of respect of our own woman in our lives shilding ourselves of getting into nisyonos that’s what chasidish yiden are so asking in a nice polit way to accommodate should be respected, now you of course u won’t see gedolim do it they usually fly first class or business not in economy where you literally seat on each other’s especially on ELAL with their narrow seats.

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