Investigation: ‘Billionaire Gave Netanyahus Cigars, Champagne Worth Hundreds Of Thousands’


A corruption investigation into Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is reportedly addressing suspicions the premier and his wife illicitly accepted cigars worth hundreds of thousands of shekels and champagne from a Hollywood billionaire, Times of Israel reports.

Channel 2 news reported last night that Netanyahu received the cigars from  American-Israeli producer Arnon Milchan over the last seven-eight years. His wife, Sara, received bottles of pink champagne worth hundreds of shekels apiece during that period, the TV report said.

Channel 2 noted rumors the prime minister smokes tens of thousands of shekels’ worth of them each month.

Police questioned Netanyahu under caution for a second time Thursday, in a five-hour-long session at his Yerushalayim home.

{ Israel}


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