Introducing Project “K.E.E.P”: Kupath Ezrah Special Situation Emergency Aid Program



Kupath Ezrah of Rockland County

introduces new aid program in Monsey 

to help resolve specific severe family emergency situations that need immediate attention


Project “K.E.E.P”

Kupath Ezrah Special Situation Emergency Aid Program

Join our crowd funding project and Kupath Ezrah will notify you about specific severe and imminent emergency situations and the goal of what we need to collect.  You choose the emergency you want to fund.

Follow live updates as the crowd funds and meets the project goal and ultimately saves a family in our community from a devastating emergency.

 You choose to help fund and a family whose

·      electricity is about to be shut off

·      about to be evicted 

·      about to foreclosed

·      will not be able to pay for medical treatments.

To join program, please send your email address to [email protected].


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