Frightening: Intercepted Syrian Missile Headed to Israel Carried 200 Kg. of Explosives


The Syrian SA5 missile intercepted by Israel’s Arrow 2 defense system on Friday carried a warhead with 200 kg. of explosives and would have landed in the Jordan Valley, Yoav Zitun reports for Ynet News.

The Syrian missile was launched from a base near Homs around 2:40 a.m., and Israel’s aerial defense forces had less than a minute to decide to launch the Arrow.

“It is a heavy-weight Syrian armament,” said a senior Air Force officer on Monday. “We didn’t care if it was a surface-to-surface missile or a surface-to-air missile…. The Arrow was chosen in accordance with the level of threat and the availability of the defense systems on hand. There was no other option except to intercept.”

The commander of the IAF’s Aerial Defense, Brig.-Gen. Zvika Haimovich, said: “The missile fired posed a threat to Israeli citizens. The guidelines are to protect the people of Israel and that is what we did.”

{ Israel News}


  1. Wow!
    I’m a little perplexed!
    Why does yhe IDF commander seem to be apologetic for having engaged the Arrow interceptor? Isn’t that what it’s intended for?
    Is there something I’m missing?

    • Because Arrow is very expensive and is designed to defeat much longer range and powerful threats. The IDF’s decision to use Arrow as opposed to another weapon (like Patriot), nevertheless, was correct, given the flight profile of this particular threat.

    • Pretty sure its because it was an surface to air missile. And it might not have been necessary to shoot it down.but anyways its good that the arabs see Israel will react to anything!


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