Insurance Commissioner Loses Job After Questioning Obamacare


obama1One day after questioning the White House’s move to allow noncompliant health plans to continue after the botched healthcare rollout, D.C. insurance commissioner William P. White was fired.

White was brought in on Friday by a deputy of Mayor Vincent Gray, and told the mayor “wants to go in a different direction.” Just the day before, White had argued against the president’s move, saying, “The action today undercuts the purpose of the exchanges, including the District’s DC Health Link, by creating exceptions that make it more difficult for them to operate.”

While the mayor’s office refused to comment, a source claimed to the Washington Post that White had failed to go through the proper channels before making a statement critical of the president. Strange coincidence, huh? Read more at the Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. See? This is the tyranny I have been talking about that is going on in this Banana Republic. The heel of Obama’s heavy boot is indeed firmly planted on our throats.

    If you do not march to Obama’s sheet music, your head is going to roll. This is a disgrace to the First Amendment of our Constitution. Speak out and be squashed or stay silent and tacitly accept what others have decided for you.

    Is the America that we know? I did not think so….


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