Inspired by Rav Simcha Kook, Sefer Torah Written by Thousands of Rechovot’s Children


rav-kook-hachnosas-sefer-torahIn a tremendous display of unity, children from both secular and religious schools all over Rechovot sang and danced this week around the Sefer Torah that they had written. Marking the end of Rechovot’s 120 year celebrations, the idea was the inspiration of the town’s Chief Rabbi, Rav Simcha Hacohen Kook.

“I suggested to the Municipality that each child in Rechovot writes a letter in a Sefer Torah in honor of the town’s anniversary,” Rav Kook related in an interview yesterday. Rechovot resident and philanthropist Sandy Colb enthusiastically donated the funds and the project got underway: Each school in town allocated a special room for the sofer, who went around the schools throughout the year.

Ten children at a time were ushered into the “special room” and were given instructions what to say and do. Many of the children who had the chance to place their hands over the sofer’s had never seen a Sefer Torah in their lives, let alone be active in writing one.The excitement was palpable. All in all, 5000 children participated in this unique project.

The climax was the Hachnasas Sefer Torah. Thousands of religious and irreligious children with parents joined the parade led by Rav  Kook and the mayor of the town, Rachamim Malul, dancing around the sefer Torah as it was led to Rechovot’s historic Beit Knesset Hagadol, built by Rav Yaakov Broyde, one of the town`s founders.

“You can’t imagine how children with no Torah background kissed the Sefer Torah and danced around it,” said Rav Kook. “The fact that thousands of children wrote a Sefer Torah will surely be a tremendous zechus for the Jews here in Israel, and all over the world.”

{Yair Israel}



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