Inside The Rashbi’s Tsiyun: A Special Few



The powerful day is almost here. Preparations have begun again for a massive davening and tzedaka event, the proceeds from which will be distributed to thousands of needy families throughout Israel.

Just before the start of Lag BaOmer, twelve emissaries sent specifically by Rav Chaim Kanievsky will arrive at the kever of the Rashbi, at the top of Har Meron. They will remain at the forefront of the prayers until the end of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai’s yartzeit, completing 24 hours of uninterrupted prayer. During that time thousands of Jews will come and go, soaking in the undeniable energy of Meron on Lag BaOmer.

The emissaries will pray for those donors who have contributed to a tzedaka campaign approved by Rav Kanievsky. They will also be making phone calls to select donors, allowing them to listen in to the chaotic and exciting atmosphere, and to call out additional names to pray for. Some donors will also have a shaliach specifically assigned to them, to continue to pray for them and their loved ones in Meron every day for the next year. It is a huge operation, and an incredible cause even without such a reward.

Few have the opportunity to visit Meron on Lag BaOmer in their lifetime. Even fewer have the chance to enter the tsiyun itself, as thousands crowd around it on the mountain. Those who are praying for a yeshua and want to attach themselves to this massive event can add their names here for a limited time.





  1. Where does it say that one must be Oiyleh regel to Meron? It’s not brought down in my edition of the Chumash.

  2. stupidity their is no such minhag to go to meron just an excuse to party! if the money that american jews spent going to meron and uman. mosdos would most likely be fully funded!
    if sefardim want to do such things that’s their decision. but ashkenazim have no such custom to go to meron. and misnagdim and non brelevors have no “minhag” to go to uman. even for breslov it’s a new “minhag”!

    • Stupidity is one who comments without being educated as to the facts. Its brought down in the Idra that the Yahrziet of Reb Shimon will be a hilula. The Arizal was among those that participated, as have and do Tzadikkim of all generations including ours. If it isnt your minhag thats fine but dont put down others, simply keep quiet or say “please explain i dont understand.” In addition every luxury we partake in can be cancelled for the sake of funding our mosdos. Such as the bungalow or vacations or hotel programs. Let people live, you and everyone else will be alot happier.

      • tell me how many ashkenazim have the minhag to do upsherin? a sefardi minhag! how many misnagdim and non breslev chassidem have the minhag to go to uman ? a breslevor minhag (a new one at that). pagan jews in ancient israel also had customs. would you advocate to resurrecting them?

      • so ashkenazim have a widespread minhag to go to meron? or it’s people adding new things to “feel spiritual man”. everything that feels good “everything that feels spiritual man”
        Christians feel spiritual to! muslims also!
        doesnt make it spirtual!

  3. If a half million Jews gather in Meron and 50 thousand gather in uman on Rosh Hashanah it’s a Torah event. Where does the Chumash tell you to wear teffilin that are square and black. Where does the Chumash tell you to blow 100 Times the shofer rosh Hashana. Where does it tell you where exactly and which side the mezuzah is placed. And so with every mitzvah. You need our gemmorah and our teachers to enlighten us.

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