Inscription Reveals Ancient Jewish Toilet In Cologne


ancient-toiletArchaeologists in Cologne, Germany have uncovered a fascinating 13th-century Hebrew inscription on a lintel stone in the basement of a home near the city’s ancient synagogue. The Hebrew inscription reads “This is the window through which the feces are to be taken out.”

The inscription was discovered in December 2011 on the lintel above a walled-up window in the cellar of Lyvermann House, which was built in about 1266 and belonged to a wealthy Jewish family that lived right near the synagogue. Behind the wall was a cesspool, six meters deep.

According to Prof. David Assaf of Tel Aviv University’s Jewish History Department, “Such a serious-amusing inscription has never been found anywhere, not before and not since.”

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{ Newscenter}


  1. “Burich hi Elokeini sh’burani lichvoidoi.”
    At a time when others considered it unholy to be clean, we Yidden had a plumbing system to keep us truly kudosh v’tuhor.

  2. prob they were careful about saying hashems name near unclean matter(as is the halacha ) so they had a procedure for disposing waste so that no one would mistakenly daven near it


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