Innovative: From Kugel to $750 Cold Cash


lakewood-apartment-750-dollarsLakewood, NJ – Last week, we reported that, with a tough economy and a challenging real estate and rental market, a homeowner in Lakewood, NJ, turned to a good old reliable idea – potato kugel – as an incentive in his quest to find a renter for a three-bedroom apartment in the Chesterfield Commons development in the town. The homeowner’s ad stated: “Free potato kugel upon signing!”

Now, with apartment owners apparently still having a difficult time finding renters, one homeowner has put out an ad offering not kugel to the renter, but $750 cold cash to anyone who finds him a renter.

The apartment for which this generous finder’s fee is being offered is located in the Sterling Forest development off of River Avenue/Route 9 South.

The ad states, “Did I fall on my head? Yes. I’ll give you $750 if you find a tenant for my beautiful 2-bedroom apartment.”

That’s seven hundred and fifty green ones just for finding a renter. Click here to view the ad.

What’s next for the Lakewood rental market?

Only time will tell.

{Bezalel Newscenter}


  1. Hello…..what’s the big deal? It’s a months rent, most agents charge at least that. (Grade its a chutzpa noyazeh that people charge rent they should be paying teyire yungerleit to live in their basement, what a zchus for ur kinderlach)

  2. sorry but there is nothing sensational or over the top about this story. people have been offering one month free for years now. same difference, you dont charge the money or you charge and give it away. in both cases you’re out the money but gave an incentive, though it does sound better this way so i say smart marketing

  3. now is not the time to buy a house. If you want to buy a house at least buy one where it will always be used INVEST A HOUSE IN YERUSHALYIM. soon the houses in lakewood will be worthless.

    think about the future & see the yad Hashem as he prepares klal yisroel for mashiach. i.e. watch as even the medina shel chesed of the USA is breaking up with Israel.

    the latest message from HASHEM of todays situation with the economy is:

    Make aliya now to Israel & go with fortune, Wait & soon thousands will be going cause there will be no money left & the economy is better in Israel DON’T WAIT, GO NOW.

  4. I still would go with the kugel it about the relationship it goes to show that the best marketing minds are all about thinking about yenem!!! btw Chesterfield is by far the best development for a young yeshiva man!! Gshabbos

  5. People wll come up with some crazy random ideas, let,s just hope this guy finds something else to do otherwise-we’re soon going to see an ad giving away a car if you rent something!

  6. hi Mr. A

    Stop with all you’re lange droshos and wasting everyone’s time. Do you understand some people work 2-3 weeks to make that money. so get up and find me someone NOW!!!!!!

  7. My beautiful apartment has been on the market for months. There is a huge real estate bubble in Lakewood. I’m thinking of copying this guy, but I’ll wait and see if he gets results first.


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