Injured Security Guard in Beitar Illit: “I Received The Gift Of Life”


?????????????????????Hours after the terror attack this morning in the Haredi city of Beitar Illit, the security guard who was injured in the incident discussed the moments that transformed his life from the female terrorist arriving at his outpost up until the moment that she was neutralized.

“I stood at my guarding post at the entrance to Beitar Illit,” the security guard related. “She came to me by foot. She was outside, looked around from all sides, and appeared like one who does not know the place.”

“When she came close to me, she displayed her green Palestinian ID card and she had no permit,” he explained. “I tried to tell her that she could not enter and as I spoke, I saw that she had a bag in her hand. I asked her what she had there and when I asked, she brought out her knife. She succeeded to stab me a little and to give me a scratch.”

“I caught her from a distance, pulled out my weapon, and I succeeded to neutralize her,” the security guard added. “There was adrenaline and there was pressure but thank G-d, it ended this way. All I have is a small scratch and that is it.”

Although the security guard is still hospitalized, he is celebrating his birthday today: “Today, I am 33 years old and I can say that I received the gift of life.”


{Jerusalem Online/ Israel}


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