Initiative: Special Hospital Just For Chareidim


meah-shearimA group of Satmar chassidim is considering buying Bikur Cholim Hospital in Yerushalayim and turning it into a medical center that will cater mainly to chareidim. According to a report, Satmar officials met in the United States at the beginning of the week to discuss the initiative. Should the rift between Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center and the chareidi public continue, said the report, a group of 25 businessmen is prepared to make a bid on the hospital.

A source at Bikur Cholim said no such offer has been presented to the hospital as of yet.

In the last week, Hadassah Ein Kerem has been the target of criticism and threats from the chareidi community over its involvement in the case of the mother who is accused of starving her toddler son.Rav Moshe Shternbuch, Raavad of the Eidah Hachareidis, and others have criticized those threatening or boycotting the hospital.

Posters accusing the hospital of crimes have been plastered on the walls of Yerushalayim’s frum neighborhoods, and Hadassah’s deputy director general says he has received death threats.

While sources tell that the hospital could be involved in a massive coverup in the case of the Meah Shearim mother, Yenti, the move to boycott and the hospital has been seen by many as mistaken and potentially damaging to the greater chareidi community in Yerushalayim.

{Yair Israel}


  1. This picture belongs in the Sturmer. Aren’t there enough skinny Meah Shearim men that you had to pick out the fattest one for display?

  2. this is a great idea, something that the Klausenberger Rebbe ztz”l built in Natanya and like the Maaynei Hayeshua in Bnei Brak. we dont have to be dependent on these non-shomrei torah umitzvos “jews” that hate us anyway. Hashem has sent enough money to people in our community and it should use be used to prove that Hashem is the one that runs the world, not them!!

  3. Just what we need…MORE separation between chareidim and our non-frum brothers and sisters.

    I’m sure that will prevent more of this stuff from arising in the future.

    Great news….just in time for Tisha B’av.
    Hashem must be so proud.

  4. The biggist joke of this picture is that “this” person “is skiny today” He is a MLAMED in Toldes Avrum Yitzchuk.

  5. I’ve had two children born in this hospital with professional care and sensitivity;my wife’s Bubby(who lives in Mea Shearim!)has received successful treatment numerous times for various life-threatening situations.An Aunt of my wife had yena machalo and was going there for YEARS to receive treatment before l”a she was nifteres(she lived in Bais Yisroel).Addionally, I know of many other friends,relatives,acquaintances,etc. who have all had positive experiences with this hospital in a variety of situations throughout the years.And I’m sure there are many ,many frum people out there who also know such others.It could very well be there is a cover up involving certain staff of the hospital(or the hospital mangement itself);why don’t we wait for the truth to come out in court? Must we get hysterical and start hyperventalating,in turn causing a mass panic by people who now refuse to as much think about going to Hadassah? Lets be normal and not assume that there’s a mass,widespread conspiracy at the hospital,and anyone who now goes there puts themselves in grave danger.


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