Initiative: Put Rav Eliyahu on Banknote


rav-mordechai-eliyahuAfter women’s organizations and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz demanded to include a woman’s image on Israel’s new banknotes, politicians and representatives of social movements are now calling for an image of a Sephardic and religious figure.

Ministers and Knesset members are in favor of including late Chief Rabbi Rav Mordechai Eliyahu in the new series of banknotes. The initiative is backed by David Vazana, head of the Union of Bank of Israel Employees, who told the Arutz Sheva website that Rabbi Eliyahu was not just an outstanding personality, but a friend of the Bank of Israel workers.

Vazana’s stand contradicts that of Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has yet to ask the government to approve the new series of banknotes chosen by Fischer, mainly due to Minister Benny Begin’s objection to having the face of his father, former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, appear on the new banknotes.



  1. Hagaon Rabbi Mordecahi zt”l deserves his face on money to be inspiration everytime someone uses that shekel bill! We miss you Hacham Eliyahu!

  2. In what way would this gaon be honored by having his picture on the banknote. Whenever you go into the washroom to have in your pocket? Ehen you go to the store to see him? Learn a perek mishnayos for him. Do a mitzva in his memory. This is true liberalism. Mind over matter. Ah it mamish will be a kidush Hashem to have his name on the money. We have Bengurion and Golda Meir and now we need a tzaddik and Gaon. We will be represented.

  3. State of israel must be represented by its holiness. Any representation of kedusha would make us question of our roots. Why not people of world identify israel by its hakhamim. Even menahem begin wore kippa on his political missions. Why not the currency do that job?


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