Infant in Catskills Falls into Cholent Pot, Suffers Serious Burns


chulentYosef Feffer of Etrog reports that this past Shabbos, Parshas Eikev, a family vacationing in the Catskills left a burning hot plate with a large pot of cholent in an unsafe place. On Shabbos morning, the family’s 18-month-old baby was playing near the hot plate and somehow landed up in the pot.

Several Hatzolah members who were staying at one of the yeshivos in Swan Lake immediately rushed to  the scene to treat the baby. The baby was taken to the hospital having sustained second-degree burns to her entire body. Hatzolah members, howevers, told Etrog news agency that she will be okay, be’ezras Hashem.

Hatzolah and local doctors remind everyone to keep all hot plates and other similar items far out of reach of children and to keep an eye on children at all times.

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. Again and again and again Hatzalah gives out its safety warnings, and again and again and again people ignore them.

    Especially with a toddler around, there is no such thing as “safe.” Even the most loving parents can unwittingly cause a tragedy without constant watchfulness.

    The child should have a refuah shleimah and the parents should have a nechamah.

    And it should, b’ezras HaShem, never ever happen again.

  2. Rachel R. anyone with a little experience with toddlers at this age, know that however cautious you are they are one step ahead. They can get into anything everything,even if they childproofed etc. kids are smart.
    Take from a parent of a bunch of little boys. Dont be so critical. Dont you think that parents kicked themself a hundred times!!!

  3. I’ll bet that, vacationing in a room in the Catskills, they put the “hot plate” on the floor near an outlet, with the cholent pot on it. Don’t take these kinds of chances just for a little hot cholent.

  4. #6

    That was exactly the point. The parents are of course feeling stricken. That’s why I asked for a nechamah for them, too. A friend of mine was once in a similar situation, but with a cup of hot tea. The child pulled on the tablecloth and over went the tea onto the child. Baruch HaShem there was no lasting damage, but my friend felt terrible for a very long time. (We also need siyata d’shamaya too).

    I have lots of experience with toddlers – that’s why I said that it’s so important to always be on the lookout.

    Every year Hatzalah gives out safety advice, because it’s so easy to forget things. Keep them on your refrigerator door and check frequently.

  5. Why do people have to poke fun at a tradgedy. Uvemoishav Leitzim lo Yoshov. I would want these people to make these crude remarks , were the tradgedy to happen to their family. Shame on you!

  6. i dont think the kashrus question was a joke – i mean, all tragedies have halachik ramifications involved; just because something terrible happened doesnt exempt it from halacha – it’s actually a good question since the baby’s not batul beshishim and there are shitos that hold that there’s an issur to eat human flesh(others hold not).

    I’m surprised that a hotplace can make 2nd degree burn

    baruch hashem the baby will be ok

  7. Please please please Matzav. Leave the names of these children, people that you write about…if you are able to find them so we can pray for them. There are too many articles of this sad sort, and there are no Hebrew names given.


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