Infant Dies Of Measles In Yerushalayim


A 18-month old infant was rushed to Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital in Yerushalayim after losing consciousness Thursday afternoon.

The child had fallen sick with measles and had no pulse upon arrival at the hospital. Thoiugh doctors worked to save the baby’s life the child was declared dead a short while later.

According to the Ministry of Health, the number of those infected with measles in Israel is approaching 900 individuals. Around 60% of those infected are charedi residents of Yerushalayim, many who are not vaccinated. To combat the outbreak, the Ministry of Health is working to send out special mobile vaccination units to concentrations of the chareidi population.

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  1. Nebach.
    Where are all the idiots, who keep howling that measles is just a normal and “natural” childhood illness, now? Probably storming the Internet for more proofs for their pathetic selfishness and blissful ignorance.

    • Growing up in the 50s and 60s it was…just like chicken pox and all childhood diseases. Our parents actually wanted us to get past it and then develop immunity…no it was not like today…all the hulaboo. The pharmaceutical lobby is exploiting this as they do everything else. Yes..I grieve for the child, we all do…it’s tragic, but I’m sure there’s more to it. We just don’t get all the details. Just the death report.

      • Really? I remmber getting the Pox and my sisiter the measles. They were not fun!! They hurt, high fever, etc. Don’t make it sound like it was so simple.

      • No, there isn’t more to it. There is no disease more contagious than measles, there is no treatment, and there is no cure. But the vaccine works not just on an individual but it prevents outbreaks like what we are seeing now.

        Everyone needs to vaccinate their children. Now.

  2. BDE, such a tragedy, Is it possible that this poor child had other health issues? According to Dr. Paul Offit, before the measles vaccine came out 3-4 million people got the measles a year and about 500 of those cases resulted in death. If you do the math, that is a 0.016% chance of dying, and based on that, I’m assuming those that did die had very compromised immune systems. That doesn’t sound nearly as scary as the media is making it out to be, and that leads me to wonder what other health issues this child had.

    Either way, this news is devastating and I hope the family will find nechama.

    • “I’m assuming those that did die had very compromised immune systems. ”

      Some would have — children under age one whose immune systems have not fully developed and whose lives are endangered by the anti-vaccine propaganda.

    • Every parent has a right to an educated and I say educated right to make choices. Please read up on this issue.. it’s not as simple as you think. Not everyone is a robot and “votes as a bloc” some ppl are independent thinkers…

      • That is a very un-Jewish attitude. We do not have the right to endanger others through our actions. We have the responsibility to think of the welfare of the community. The “I can do what I want and nobody can stop me” attitude is that of someone who has no God. 🙁

        • We do not have a right to endanger others through our actions. Correct. If I did research, and see the possible side effects of giving a vaccine to my kid, I absolutely do not have the right to endanger him! He is healthy, and I do not have the right to give him a medication that may harm him!

    • Really?
      From whom did you get your smicha from? The Sheeple Rebbe? The internet? Rotziach is a very strong term. How dare you call a fellow Jew rotziach? Right after the Pittsburgh massacre? Where is your ahavas yisroel?

  3. Every “anti vaxxer” knows that there have been deaths associated with measles. nobody is going to deny that. The problem is that there are more deaths from the measles vaccine than the measles.
    They won’t tell you that and it won’t be on the news. They will call it “crib death” or “sids” or “death due to unknown causes”.
    Secondly we have to ask, what was this child being fed that he succumbed? Was he malnourished due to poverty? Did he have pre existing conditions?
    When somebody dies in a car crash, we don’t call all drivers rotzchim, we research what went wrong. Was a driver texting? Was someone speeding.
    When a child dies from measles, we have to look to see the whole situation. The news won’t tell you that. They will say the measles causes death.
    People die from allergic reactions to nuts and seeds. Do we call all people who feed their children nuts and seeds “roitzchim”?
    The malach hamaves killed the child not the measles.

    Vaccines are only a hishtadlus and if the vaccines cause more deaths than the condition its meant to prevent then it’s not a responsible form of hishtadlus.

    In china, 98% of the population was vaccinated in 2014 and 50,000 people broke out with measles in that year. the measles vaccine does not neccesarily prevent measles and on rosh hashana it was determined that this child will die.

    • Yes we do ! If a parent knows that their kid is allergic to peanuts and they serve their kid peanuts, OF COURSE they are murderers.
      I find that all you anti vaxxers with your limited medical knowledge think you know better than proven medical science. Giving your kids vaccines IS the hishtadlus

    • China has a population of 1.4 billion people. 2% unvaccinated is 28 million people. The vaccine prevents disease, but only if you are vaccinated. There is no disease more contagious than measles, there is no treatment, and no cure. It can kill the healthy as quickly as the unhealthy.

      • the vaccine prevents disease , but only if you are vaccinated. Correct again!! So why are the vaccinated saying that the unvaccinated are making them sick?


      Yes, the so-called “mainstream” media is really quick to splash out a story of someone who died from measles or influenza or whopping cough or the like (with, of course, glaringly implying that it was all the fault of the anti-vaxxers). However, it never publicizes a story on even one of the countless incidents where people have died from every one of THESE NUMEROUS VACCINES that are so supposedly “preventing” disease.

    • (Continuation of my previous remark)

      The very vast majority of the cases where people die from vaccines never even begin to make it anywhere near the media because they are never even called “died from vaccine” cases! When, right after getting his or her shot, a person has an excessively violent reaction and dies, the attending physicians can very easily simply mark on the person’s hospital chart in the slot “CAUSE OF DEATH:” the word “Undetermined,” and thus they do simply mark on the person’s hospital chart in the slot “CAUSE OF DEATH:” the word “Undetermined.” Where the person was a recently born baby, the doctors have a much more “specific” and actual “name” of a disease that they write in the “CAUSE OF DEATH” slot: “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” (abbreviated, that is “S.I.D.S.”).

      If the baby’s parents — who clearly saw and realized what happened to their child — refuse to accept such “whitewash” and attempt to get justice for the murder, they immediately see that they are ramming into a solid brick wall. The section of the US Government that was specially set up to deal with these problems, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, known as the “Vaccine Court,” readily rejects the vast majority of the cases that are brought to it. The few cases that are taken more seriously will often be dragged on and on, sometimes for even eight or ten years, before any actual compensation is awarded.

      With all of this though, despite all of the doctors and lawyers and other officials constantly declaring: “Aw, this had nothing to do with the vaccine,” since this program was established by Congress in 1986, CLOSE TO FOUR BILLION DOLLARS of compensation has been given out in numerous cases where officials were forced to admit that, yes, major injury from vaccines has occurred. (Please see and the many links there.)

  4. Shame on you. How dare you call those who follow halachah ‘rotzchim’.
    It’s a clear halachah חייך קודמים לחיי חברך “Chayecha Kodmim” – your life takes precedence over his life. You’re not obligated to risk YOUR child’s life with vaccination that have proven to have side effects. Period!

    • So according to your warped logic, halacha requires you to avoid side effects (assuming there are proven side effects, which is untrue and a lie spread by anti-vaxxers) but instead allow the unvaccinated child to face the full force of the disease the vaccination is proven to prevent. According to this, is a kiyum of “chayech kodmin”! Makes perfect sense to me…NOT!

      • “assuming there are proven side effects, which is untrue and a lie spread by anti-vaxxers” Please read the insert that comes with the vaccine, do you think the vaccine manufacturers themselves and the CDC are lying too when they write about the possible adverse effects of vaccines??

  5. Why do you even give a forum to these quacks these anti Vaxers they are all deranged,I remember as a child nebach seeing the adults who had polio as a child crippled,and maimed We were so relived when the vaccine came out. These people want to bring us back into the dark ages,Hashem Yishmar.

  6. To all the Anti-Vaxxers out there, claiming that the vaccinations are more dangerous, please provide evidence of any vaccination caused death or serious side effect and numbers to support it.
    I believe you will find that this 1 death and the 900 measles cases in Israel + many hundreds more in the USA is a direct result of not vaccinating. It is 1 death too many that could have been prevented. BD”E.

  7. Polio has Baruch Hashem been eradicated so why should I give my child a polio vaccine for an eradicated disease if there is a possibility of my child becoming mentally deranged with autism?

    A polio vaccine is not a guarantee against polio. 491,000 children who were given the oral polio vaccine in India became paralyzed. This occurred over a period of 17 years.

    • Just to let you know. My child’s pediatrician in Lakewood told me that polio is still around and there have been some cases lately.

      Thanks so much you anti-vaxers!! We love you! Hope you feel a little better now that someone died!! There is NO proof that vaccines cause any disease or sickness!! The only side effect proven are the protection from terrible sicknesses! Let’s all ask The author of מתהלך if he thinks vaccines are good… He went through it all!!

      Keep it up and you’ll see the numbers ר”ל rise! 900 in E”Y 40 in Monsey 3 in Lakewood! Yay!! Sleep well people!

    • I don’t know. Maybe because the single study mentioning a link between vaccines and autism was so unscientific that the guy who conducted it (who incidentally sold “homeopathic cures” on the side) had his medical license revoked and was universally censured by the medical community. Also, saying your child might “become mentally deranged with autism” is like being worried that they might catch Down’s Syndrome. It’s not physically possible. Your child CAN NOT AND WILL NOT get autism from a vaccine. By the way… You say polio has been eradicated. You know how that happened? WITH VACCINES!!!

  8. according to the math above of 0.016 percent( could be as high as 0.0125, that means if there really has been 900 confirmed cases of measles, we have been pretty lucky so far. For those that cant read decimal points its 1.6 or 1.25 percent fatality rate.

  9. A careful reading of the story shows that the writers of the story never said that this infant who died was one who had not been vaccinated. So this report of this infant’s tragic death presents no proof at all for the belief that not vaccinating results in getting measles and dying.

    The only mention that the article makes about the issue of non-vaccination is said as a side note that “many” people in the Chareidi communities are not vaccinated (and, again, the article never said that the infant who died was one of those “many”). The word “many” is obviously a pretty vague word. For example, of group of 5,000 people, there are 100 people who do not vaccinate. Now 100 people certainly qualifies as being “many” people, but in relation to the whole group, which is a total of 5,000 people, these 100 people are a tiny minority!

    • No one is saying what percentage of those sick with the measles is or isn’t vaccinated. The doctors have this information, and it could and should be publicized! Since it is not being made public, we can only assume that an embarrassing percentage of those who became ill WERE vaccinated.

  10. You can not reason with the anti vaxxers. If they were subject to reason and logic, then all of the research and statistics given by government and non government medical agencies would have convinced them long ago. It is irrelevant to them that in a world of literally millions of doctors, not 1 (other than the original quack who withdrew his own conclusion after being exposed as using false research) doctor, has written an article
    Demonstrating research to support anti vaccination. Of course they will tell you it’s a vast conspiracy which every government worker and every private doctor has signed on to. You can’t reason with them. Even death won’t convince them. Dont bother trying.

    • We MUST keep trying, not to convince hardcore anti-vaxxers who are beyond reason or deliberate liars/scammers who are willful would-be murderers, but simply to counteract the endless flow of lies, misinformation and distortions that may c”v convince people who don’t know better not to immunize and protect their precious children.

      It’s mind-blowing that some people actually believe that (all?) pharmaceutical companies, (all?) governmental health organizations, all(?) doctors, nurses and health professionals are corrupt, evil, and/or fools, while one or two discredited doctors actually know the truth.

    • P.S. “Willful would-be murderers” is directed at those who know better, yet continue to pump out lies in an effort to convince others not to vaccinate. Anti-vaxxers who sincerely (and unfortunately) believe those lies aren’t “willful” – although their dangerous misconception is just as potentially deadly.

  11. Wow, every time someone dies — with the official announcement is that it was from measles or influenza or whooping cough or the like — like a whipped up frenzied lynch mob, countless voices are shouting out the battle cry to once and for all bash off all those “deranged” “crazy” “selfish” “irresponsible” anti-vaxxers!!

    The truth though, is that in countless numbers of these cases, the person did not get measles (or whatever it was) because he or she was deluded by the anti-vaxxers to not get the shot; ON THE CONTRARY, the person DID get his or her shots — all of them — and yet he or she still got the disease!! And he or she got it so bad that he or she died!! This TOTALLY SHATTERS the holy, holy dogma that vaccines give the recipient a “shield” of “protection” against disease.

  12. dont make a shidduch with an anti vaxxer! they are smarter than any doctor and have a lot of narishkeiten that are outdated. dont try to reason with them either…they are on a mission like the shahids in gaza

    • You are out of your mind, pardon me. My kids got shots years ago and had adverse reactions like convulsions and the doctor later omitted certain vaccines…stop talking if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Get educated, and not from the pharma companies putting out data…who said tha kids that die were not vaccinated ? Do you know that? People that were vaccinated CAN get the disease and they can also spread it once they are Infected. Get your heads out if the sand. I’m an adult. I got a terrible case of shingles. .. inspite of the fact that I had full blown chicken pox as a child. Guess what. You are not immune to G-DS will and that’s a FACT!!!! NOBODY DIES IF IT AINT HASHEMS WILL….GOT IT? Great…peace on to all…. gut shabbos.

        Using this as a reason not to take *ANY* sensible precaution is beyond foolishness – it’s twisted and it’s dangerous.


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