Independent Kosher Stores Go for the Exotic


breadberry-boro-parkA new large supermarket in Boro Park scheduled to open shortly is named Breadberry. In a trend that began with Pomegranate in Flatbush, the growing cadres of modern upscale kosher supermarkets carry names that are designed to immediately trigger thoughts of gourmet and upscale foods rather than instant recognition of kosher. It was what was behind the Chestnut name in Williamsburg and Evergreen in Monsey. That is not to say that including kosher or glatt in the name has disappeared.

One of Monsey large kosher supermarkets is called Rockland Kosher. Chicago’s Hungarian Kosher is another example of long-standing name that has stood the test of time. Two leading supermarkets in Cedarhurst and Boro Park are named Gourmet Glatt. The growing number of one-stop kosher stores is competing for instant concept recognition, say marketing experts. Located in heavily populated Jewish neighborhoods, there appears no reason to include kosher in the name, hence names like Chestnut, Pomegranate and Evergreen. It coincides with what marketers say is the welcoming features of a supermarket that appeals to the five senses. A colorful produce display, a mouthwatering takeout section, and the aroma from a bakery are all designed to entice the shopper to fill a shopping cart.

But branding experts say that it all begins with the name, especially as a new entity that wishes to appear inviting and perhaps somewhat mysterious. With its name, the new Breadberry is seeking to attract customers “from the higher numbers” in Boro Park and perhaps from Flatbush with its main thoroughfare of 60th Street. Many of the neighborhoods better known kosher supermarkets like Gourmet Glatt, KRM, Goldberg’s and Landau’s are located “in the lower or mid numbers,” say kosher food distributors. Now all Boro Parkers have to worry about is parking.


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  1. They are expensive and are robbing the poor by setting shopping in these stores as the standard.
    B’H, I walked into one of these stores ONCE realized what the game is and never went back in there.

  2. will they have a kosher lepesach section and be open chol hamoed pesach. with a name like BREADberry just asking. I don’t think jews even want to say thet word BREAD on pesach

  3. To 1 & 2. Unless you have been in all stores mentioned, please keep quiet.
    When Evergreen opened up in Monsey, I had the same thought.
    My wife went to shop there and raved about the organization and yes the prices of the standard food.
    Being a doubting husband, I accompanied her this past Dec 25, when I was off from work and she was right. I have subsequently made my own trips there and actually come home from a shopping trip with my sanity and strength.
    Obviously, gourmet and prepared food will be expensive, but that is the norm.

  4. as long as there are other stores where we can shop the appearance of new stores are the business of the owners and their patrons. I wish all yidden could afford to shop wherever they want. Still, stores solely devoted to the most exotic food or the better taste can be signs of psychological assimilation. We don’t have to be perfect, but we should be careful not to totally bury our neshamas in food (or other physical objects). This is a challenge we all need to face all the time, even if we don’t have much cash. We need to constantly check ourselves.

  5. Boruch Hashem, on Israeli Independence day, we here in the golus can celebrate the opening of yet another store that glorifies the consumption of food.

  6. You didn’t mention Newday- a wonderful, small supermarket that recently opened in South Monsey, and serves this growing community that now does not have to shlep out to the center of town. The store is clean and beautiful, with an upscale vibe. The staff is extremely warm, welcoming, and friendly, and the service is fabulous. Every time I shop there, they load my wagon onto the belt, and then carry out my groceries and load them into the car. The manager once even gave my daughter and me a ride home when we walked there after a snowstorm! I have no business connection to Newday. I am just a very satisfied customer.

  7. no thanks. my independent little corner grocer needs my business and gives me a good service and i don’t have to spend a fortune paying for repackaged nosh.
    I don’t need my five senses tickled. I need food that is fresh, kosher and nourishing and that’s long been available without these Darkei Emori imitators.

  8. When these places charge 4.99 for a little sized dip that consist of a little oil and mayonnaise, and when they charge three times the price of what should be charged, the consumer should use common sense and go else where. All in the name of gourmet. Its a scam and a rip off. Kollel style stores are the wave of the future not some fancy rip off place

  9. What is the point of making a grosser tzimis about a food store? Why do you have to sound like a baal taava? B”H, the Aibishter has provided plenty of food for us. The Grandfathers of these people were lucky if they got one piece of bread a week in the camps! This PR nonsense is Kineged Torah Hashkafa!

  10. I also agree, but there are exceptions to the rule, I understan the prices at Evergreen in Monsey are very reasonable. I live in Brooklyn have never stepped inside Pomegranate

  11. I disagree. This trend has caused the frum supermarketeers to recognize the value of the customer. Train the employees to be helpful. And buy new showcases so that there is at least the semblance of cleanliness. For years it wasn’t like that. We all benefit, no matter where you shop.

  12. i shop in krm each thursday which is plenty nice- and i feel overwhelmed with thanks to hashem that i can walk down the aisles and basicly buy whatever is on the list ( leben , techina….i call those extras ) rav yehuda hanasi who was ” loaded” never dreamed of such an assortment of fruits & veg. from across the world delivered to your back yard

  13. i shop in KRM (kollel)- i x need a famcy shopping experience if i can save 15-25 dollars on a weekly order.

  14. To No 1. To expensive and robbing the poor are two separate issues:
    There are B”H different stores that are available for everyone to choose from:
    I don’t think robbing the poor is a terminology that should be used, you don’t have to shop there, besides you don’t know the owners expenses in starting such a store, did you say the same thing when Pomegranite opened? yes KRM as one of the other comments that were made is good enough, B”H one can walk in there and save that kind of money on a weekly basis. Hazlocho in your weekly shopping.

  15. Evergreens prices are known t be very reasonable. Newday as well is not as big but also a very pleasant shopping experience.

  16. We shop at Glatt Mart, Moishes & Shoprite and are very happy, B”H. We look what’s on sale in these stores & we purchase what we NEED for our Mishpacha.

  17. #16-
    hungarian kosher is the big store. romanian is the meat company. and there are a couple smaller, more heimish groceries. nothing shmaltzy like you easterners


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