Incredible Weapons Cache Eludes JFK Screeners


jfk-airportIt was a stunning security breach at John F. Kennedy International Airport. Authorities say an Egyptian-American man was able to stash a massive cache of weapons in his luggage and smuggle it into Egypt. Tonight, investigators were trying to piece together how the man got the weapons past Kennedy Airport security.

On Tuesday night when Mohammed Ibrahim left Kennedy aboard an Egypt Airlines flight bound for Cairo, authorities said they had no idea the former visiting professor from the University of Florida had checked in a huge cache of weapons in his luggage.

“Shame on our system that it didn’t detect it,” counterterrorism expert Juval Aviv told CBS 2 HD.

Aviv, who developed the security system for El Al Airlines, said the security breach at JFK is a major wake-up call for all airports.

“The incident today in Kennedy Airport is really an indication of how easy it is to travel, go through security with equipment, with weapons, with bombs, sending it through security and nobody finds it,” Aviv said.

The Transportation Security Administration said, “The guns were not detected because checked bags are only inspected for explosives.”

Customs officers in Cairo discovered the weapons in a metal box in Ibrahim’s checked-in luggage, including two 9 millimeter handguns, an H&K 9 millimeter pistol and a Sig Sauer pistol, six magazines, 300 rounds of ammunition, four holsters, one sword, five knives and one dagger.

Authorities said Ibrahim did not declare the two handguns as is required by the TSA.

Some travelers were stunned security missed the guns.

“It’s crazy. How come you can do that? All the money they spend on this stuff and they couldn’t find those guns?” said Ach Khile of Wallingford, Conn.

“I fly a lot so it’s really scary that, especially at JFK, where it’s a big hub airport, and that it can get all the way to Egypt without someone noticing,” frequent flier Rachel Kelly said.

Aviv said airports need more than no-fly lists for protection. He recommends rings of security, including outdoor spotters to keep away anyone suspicious.

“Once those people with their suitcases full of explosives are in the terminal where thousands of people are lined up to buy tickets or check in, it’s too late,” Aviv said.

{AP/CBS/Noam Newscenter}


  1. The TSA couldn’t find the weapons – they were too busy inspecting holes in socks! Profile, profile, profile!
    Our tax dollars at work!

  2. This is Liberalism at work here! You have these high school drop outs as “security”, busy pulling aside old white Grandma to make sure no bomb is stuck inside her dentures! Anyone tan or dark skin, you must let go because we don’t want any law suits by the ACLU & the McCain types!

  3. The Transportation Security Administration said, “The guns were not detected because checked bags are only inspected for explosives.”

    Funny how 300 rounds of live ammunition doesn’t qualify


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