Increased Security for Chacham Ovadia Yosef


rav-ovadiah-yosefSecurity has been increased at the Har Nof home of Chacham Ovadia Yosef, head of the Moetzet Chachmei Hatorah of Shas, following the weekend publication of a tape in which an emotionally-disturbed man threatened to murder the Chacham.

Meir Barness, who made the threat, is serving jail time following an attempt to kill the late Rav Levi Bistritzki of Tzefas a decade ago.

Barness is heard on the tape telling a reporter that he will escape and kill Chacham Ovadiah on the 19th of Kislev, the 213th anniversary of the release of the Baal Hatanya from prison on trumped up charges, which he believes will be a day of redemption for the Jewish people. He refers to Chacham Ovadiah as the yeitzer hara who is an obstacle to the process. Barness professes to be a follower of Lubavitch.

{Yair Israel}


  1. “Barness professes to be a follower of Lubavitch.”

    Either omit this line or clarify that Rabbi Bistritzky who was targeted by this deranged individual was a Lubavitcher rav who excommunicated Barnes for his mad antics.

  2. Barness claims to be a lubavitcher, please clarify that he is a meshugene and can claim whatever he wants to be. he attempted to murder the chief rabbi of Tzfas Rabbi Levi Bistritzky OBM who himself was a Lubavitcher chossid and banned this nut from the community due to his antics.


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