In Wake Of Swiss Findings, Israel Vehemently Denies Poisoning Arafat


abbas-arafatIsraeli Energy Minister Silvan Shalom said yesterday that Israel did not poison arch terrorist and murderer Yasser Arafat. Shalom issued the declaration after the widow of the infamous Palestinian terrorist, Suha Arafat, said Swiss forensic tests proved that Yassir died from radioactive polonium poisoning in 2004.

“We never made a decision to harm him physically,” Shalom told Israel Radio. “In my opinion, this is a tempest in a tea cup. But even if it was (poisoning), it certainly was not Israel. Maybe someone else inside had thoughts or an interest to do it.”

In 2004, Shalom served as foreign minister of Israel and a member of the country’s security cabinet.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Stop going on the defensive. Justice should be served as his rashanta widow has requested
    Pursuant to that I suggest we convene a posthumous trial and try Arafat for all his vicious murderous activity. According all international conventions related to war crimes etc he deserves the death penalty

  2. Smiling that they escaped Israel’s possible attempts!??? They certainly should have done it! It would be a lot less messy than bombing him to smithereens!

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