In Vienna: If Your Cell Phone Rings in Shul, You Pay


cell-phoneIn Vienna, in the old Beis Medrash Ohel Moshe, a takanah has been enacted. Rav Asher Margulies, dayan of the bais medrash, was the moving force. All those entering the bais medrash during weekday tefillos must turn off their cell phones. Should one’s cell phone ring during tefillah, regardless of the ringing tune, a substantial fine must be paid.

The fine has been set at 20 Euros (about $26.50).

Posters have been placed throughout the bais medrash advising that the gabbaim have the authority to collect the fine immediately.

{Rabbi G}


  1. hopefully soon they will do this in all shuls-all over the world- then we will begin to feel the kedusha (holiness) & awe of standing in front of the Rebono shel olam & speaking straight to him with the proper respect that Hashem deserves for everything that goes on in the world 24-7.

  2. What a good idea! I wish they’d enact such a takanah in every besi medrash. I was in a large shul on Yom Kippur and a cel phone rang. Everyone turned around in disbelief. It turned out to be the cel phone of a non-Jewish attendant that brought an elderly senior citizen to shul.

  3. If only more and more shuls would enact the same takanos. Then, as another cemmentator said, we’d be able to daven to the Rebono shel Olam without the interference of cel-fone tunes. Ideally, the fine (knas) should be even more. Perhaps $50.00 or $100.00. That would bring cel phone ringing in shuls to a complete stop.

  4. It is a sad state of affairs if we need gedolai yisroel to enact takanahs to remind us that we are speaking to HASHEM when we are in shul! Vey iz mir and vey iz tzu Klal Yisroel! And what about by chasunahs? and brissim? Phones are constantly ringing durng these times of tefilla! People, wake up! and take advantage of these OPPORTUNITIES WHEN SHAARIE SHOMAYIM ARE OPEN!! OPEN YOUR EYES… SHUT YOUR CELL PHONES!!!

  5. whats wrong with having a phone ring during davening?? who r they to charge a person whose phone rings in shul everyone is holding at a different point in yiddishkeit, next thing u know theyll start charging a person for having bad middos. Wwhat if i had my phone on before and forgot to shut the ringer off will i be charged then?? What abt a doctor who needs his phone will he also be charged??

  6. #11right on!!!!
    We need that more than the cell phone thing, although I am with them 100%. Last week I went to shul in B.P to Bench Rosh Chodesh and say Halel…My rebetzin always asks me where I am, when I don’t show. How could I tell her, and I did many times, that the shul is not a place for me to daven. I’d rather talk to Hashem in the privacy of my own home. The men talk incessantly during leining right in front of my window by the mechitzah, including on Yom kipper. the shul is a babysitting service for the mothers who want to sleep on shabbos and the kids run into the womans section. Then the female members march in and start talking about the trivialities right in middle of where we are up to….Davening ends after Keser, you cannot hear a word,say Umein or hear kaddish….it’s a sham…the whole thing. and this ….my dear readers…includes the rebetzin of our shul…So….what are you going to do?????
    If the rabbi of the shul thinks his membership is important to him because he gets an income from them and doesn’t care that this is a house of worship….Yes…I can go to another shul…
    I am waiting to move and hopefully find a place where Kovod Shamayim reigns supreme. My husband tells me I am delusional…They talk all over…but this place takes the cake!!!!!!
    Can I hear from people about this? Is anyone out there so bothered as I am?Could we do something about this?
    I think we need to keep tabs on the Rebbes and fine THEM for not keeping the sanctity of the Beis Medresh…and not making the people who “shter” others from davening leave. They say they don’t want to embaress them.Embaress them? Are they not embarassed to stand in front of the Melech Malchei Hamlochim Hakodosh Boruch Hu??? It’s all about membership and money. I can’t believe we are down to this. It hurts the soul deep inside….
    So, until I find a place that respects what it is….I will talk to Hashem in my own language in my own home.
    And #19…you have serious issues. If it meant anything to would remember where you are at when you enter the shul or leave it in the car, if you drive one. Don’t worry about the Dr.He can put HIS ON VIBRATE AND I’M SURE THERE WILL BE LEEWAY FOR HIM.EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS HIS POSITION. You are just looking to make trouble…aren’t you???


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