In Surprise Move, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Announces He Will Not Seek Re-Election


Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday that he is not seeking re-election for a third term amid withering criticism over his administration’s policies and a soaring violent crime rate in the Windy City.

“As much as I love this job and will always love this city and its residents, I’ve decided not to seek re-election,” Emanuel said at a press conference on Tuesday. “This has been the job of a lifetime, but it is not a job for a lifetime.”

Emanuel was a Democratic congressman and chief of staff to President Barack Obama before becoming mayor in 2011. During his reign, Chicago’s murder rate and violence reached new highs as gangs became more prevalent.

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  1. Even liberal New York City, finally fed up with soaring crime, violence and lawlessness, went and elected a tough-on-crime, conservative Mayor Giuliani to clean up the mess and establish law and order. Then, satisfied with the quality-of-life improvement, they even re-elected him.
    Perhaps liberal Chicago should do the same.


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