In Response to Abandoned Shaimos Trucks, Beth Genizah Olam Cemetery Seeks New Standard in Shaimos Service


shaimos Shaimos internment has unfortunately been a problematic issue, as has reported of late.  The standard of service in this area leaves much to be desired, as some of the shaimos that people carefully set aside for internment have ended up in landfills. In better case scenarios, they have been buried in a manner that is not halachically proper or in a manner that violates the legal rules regarding the usage of a property. has spoken with the recently founded Beth Genizah Cemetery, which has been established in Liberty, NY, to address these concerns. The cemetery is overseen by the Vaad L’mishmeres Hashaimos, under the directorship of Rabbi Yosef Schwartz. Twenty-five acres were purchased for this purpose, bringing a solution to the problem of shaimos burial.

The Beth Genizah is under the rabbinical supervision of the CRC (Hisachdus Harabbonim) and the OU. In addition, all procedures are pre-authorized by pertinent state and local agencies to ensure full compliance with the law.

“Beth Genizah is equipped to deal with large quantities of shaimos, servicing shuls and yeshivos,” the new organization told today. “We provide services to individuals, handling shaimos with dignity and respect. The cemetery is visible to those traveling to the Catskills, and visitors are welcome.”

The entire operation conforms to the rigorous standards of the DEP, whose requirements caused major problems in the past with proper shaimos disposal.

“Since this isn’t a once-a-year venture but a continuous service, it is no longer necessary to wait for Erev Pesach for shaimos internment,” the service added. “The Beth Genizah can be contacted all year round, and they accept shaimos for burial at any time with advance notification.

For more information, call 845.782.2648 or visit

{Casriel Bauman for Newscenter}


  1. 1. did the fraudulent shaimos truck have a hechsher?

    2. if a shaimos truck is collecting clothes is that indicative that its a fraud

    3. I was charged by a shaimos truck to cover delivery expenses to israel. when i told him I will come back tomorrow to bring clothes. he said “please be sure only to come to my truck” I did not come back because i suspected he was pocketing the shipping expenses. if he was a legit tzedakah why would he care where i went?

  2. Or like someone said, how about Misaskim starting their own & all proceeds go to help support their great Organization.

  3. I noticed some of these kids with the trucks and vans after hours one evening on 13th avenue. I was very unimpresed with their behavior (being polite here). They had signs posted “behaskomas harabanim” or “behashgochas harabanim”. No hint to who these supposed, nameles, rabbanim were. Naturally, I didn’t trust them. The fact that they didn’t burry the shaimos did not surprise me at all. I would be shocked if any of the shaimos with these nameless “hashgochas” signs got proper treatment. Unfortunately, I don’t believe any did.

  4. Please we are all to blame why do we trust any hashgacha without any challenge.
    You think all your food is good ? Let me tell you as a lifelong food
    You are out of your mind if you trust any hashgacha
    This particular one is of I’ll repute all over the Kashrus woeld


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