In New York’s Strictest No-Parking Zones, Not Even the F.B.I. Is Exempt


nyc-tow-truckNew York – At the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s counterterrorism compound in the Chelsea neighborhood, the urgent announcement sends special agents rushing to the streets.

Has a secret terrorist cell been uncovered? A trove of bomb-making materials, perhaps?

The warning, it turns out, often concerns a matter far more mundane – even as it is universally alarming:

“If you’re parked on the south side of 18th Street, they’re towing cars.” Read more at the New York Times.

{ Newscenter}

For decades, the F.B.I.’s vehicles were off limits to New York City tow trucks, given the bureau’s authority. But over the last few years, the Police Department has towed hundreds of cars belonging to this and other governmental agencies. Not even police vehicles are exempt.


  1. This is total insanity! The City is so money hungry that they are willing to put American lives in danger (not allowing the FBI to protect US) just to get a few more “GOTCHA” tickets!!! When they are giving the tickets out, block a pump, block a bus stop, block a crosswalk, etc…in order to fill their quota’s, “safety” is suddenly not a concern!!! Hypocrisy at its worst! This GOTCHA campaign was NEVER about “safety”! It was always about taxing the hard working citizens!
    Shame on the DeBlasio! Now, of course, the Mayor & his entourage (think speedgate), would never park in a “no standing zone”! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. Lets play this out.
    An FBI has a tip that a dangerous wanted murderer has entered a building in Manhattan. The agent rushes over to the building, parks right in front, which happens to be a “No Parking” “Anytime” zone. Rushes inside. The murderer gets wind that an FBI agent is closing in. He escapes thru the delivery door and is back on the street. The Agent finds out, rushes back out to his car, and lo and behold, its no longer there! It was towed away! A dangerous murderer is back on the streets! I guess Bill Bratton is dumber than I thought!


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