In Major Upset, Bloch Boots Abutbul To Become First Female Mayor Of Beit Shemesh


Challenger Aliza Bloch unseated Moshe Abutbul as mayor of the city of Beit Shemesh by a razor thin margin early Thursday morning, after an all-night vote count to cap the drama-filled race, Times of Israel reports.

Bloch, once seen as a dark horse candidate, entered Wednesday evening trailing Abutbul by 251 votes with 99 percent reporting. A count of provisional ballots by soldiers, prisoners and special needs voters overnight managed to push her past Abutbul by 533 votes.

The city of 80,000 is now largely religious. Abutbul has served as mayor since 2008.

{ Israel}


  1. As a member of the Chareidi community in Israel.

    I am very pleased with this result.

    Its not about the party or the individual.

    It’s about who will do the best job for the community as a whole.

    Bracha V’ehatzlacha Mrs. Aliza Bloch

  2. Why are you posting a picture of the loser instead of the winner?

    Oh, right, the winner is a – gasp! – nekayveh.

    Good thing Hillary didn’t win the US election.


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