In Honor Of 125th Anniversary, You Can Vote On New Lady Liberty Logo


statue-of-libertyLady Liberty is about to have a special anniversary and as part of the celebration, the public can vote on a new, special logo.

The Statue of Liberty‘s 125th anniversary will be celebrated beginning October 28. The National Parks Service and New Jersey City University worked together to create 10 possible logos to be used in commemoration of the year-long observance. Students designed the logos and now the public will be able to select a favorite.

“The logo is going to be used for pins people can buy, commemorative pins using the logo design for the 125th anniversary,” said Jane Ahern of the National Parks Service. “It will be on banners on the island as well.”

You can vote from now until July 18. To see the logos and cast your vote, visit

{AP/CBS News/ Newscenter}


  1. In honor of Lady Liberty, can your ads in the many Lakewood weekly magazines displaying infants on fire, cease immediately? (The internet/technology “protection” ads.”) They are disturbing to say the least.


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