In Hillary’s Shadow, Biden Takes Steps Toward Possible 2016 Bid


joe-bidenSince when has a sitting vice president been relegated to the second string of candidates in the race for the White House?

Yet that’s what seems to be happening as Hillary Clinton soaks up all the 2016 speculation, leaving Vice President Biden to quietly lay the groundwork for his own possible bid, should he choose to make one. As if to offer a gentle reminder that he is still very much interested in becoming the 2016 Democratic nominee, the vice president has scheduled a major political event next month in Iowa — where presidential hopefuls must clear the first hurdle, the Iowa caucuses.

Modern history shows every sitting, able-bodied vice president entered the next presidential race as a leading candidate, and went on to become his party’s presidential nominee. From Richard Nixon in 1960 all the way to Al Gore in 2000, sitting vice presidents have enjoyed an evident advantage in seeking the nomination — though in that period, only George H.W. Bush went on to win the presidency itself in that race. Nixon won on his second attempt, in 1968.

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  1. You’ve seen to have forgotten two term vice president Dick Cheney who didn’t even run much less become the party’s nominee.

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