Imprisoned For The Sake Of Shabbos


Rav Aharon Tuviah Shpitz of Brooklyn, av beis din of Seret-Viznitz, spent Shabbos in a holding area for illegal aliens.

After flying to Belgium to visit a nephew, he was told at an airport near Antwerp that as he had no return ticket, strict immigration laws prohibited him from entering the country and he must immediately return to the United States.

Explaining that it was too close to Shabbos to leave, he was told that the only place he could stay was in a lockup for illegal migrants.

Antwerp askonim couldn’t budge the authorities’ decision but managed to arrange a private room for him.

Unable to get kosher food in time, Rav Shpitz make do with fruit until motzoei Shabbos.

{ Israel}


  1. How seriously horrible.

    I can wonder how bad this world wants to attack even the thought of a Higher Being mentioned. If you speak that G-d is One today just in humor or meaningful look, the unorthodox acclaim just all the wit it be your final word.

    Torah protects. It is our duty to declare Hashem’s worth by our pure thought to keep Torah and design our lives by his guidance. It is always yet always surprising the battles he keeps introducing for hopefully just our humor and careful more kosher lives.

  2. I always had the question, what does one do with kiddush in a case like this?

    Do they make kiddush in fruit?
    Do they eat without kiddush?
    Do they make the Bracha without food?

    Are hey Yotze with the Bracha in Shmone esreh?

  3. Ridiculously sensationalist headline.

    Not to minimize the extreme difficulties in this situation, but no one was imprisoned for the sake of Shabbos. Imprisoned for the sake of not having proper immigration paperwork. Nebach, the situation happened close to Shabbos and the authorities were not flexible; fairly or not.

    Imprisoned for the sake of Shabbos sounds like Milchemes Hadas. No evidence of that, at least as the story is presented.

  4. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. DINA D’MALCHUSEI DINA if you travel to a foreign country WITHOUT a return ticket, you will NOT be allowed entry into that country. Nothing to do with Shemiras Shabbos. They have enough troubles with illegal immigrants. WHY didn’t he have a return ticket?????

  5. I have tried to post earlier but it did not get through. I understand he did not have a return ticket as requested, what I am missing is why he did not purchase via credit card an outbound ticket at the immigration gate, or have someone do that for him. Airlines are very happy to assist. I was in a similar situation and this solved my issue and I was admitted. I knew I was supposed to have a return ticket, but overlooked it because I wanted flexibility on dates, without paying full fare. At the immigration I apologized and said I would buy the ticket immediately.
    Kol Ha Kavod to the Rabbi, I am sorry he went through this.

  6. Next time: go online and buy a return ticket in the airport. If flying on private jet back then just don’t use the ticket or cancel ticket after entry. Usually, you have 24 hours to cancel.


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