Important Ramapo Election Has Monsey Residents on Edge

In today’s election in Rockland County, County Executive Ed Day is seeking a second term. The Orthodox community is united in trying to unseat him because of the constant harassment he has shown the community. According to a court filing by a government agency director earlier this year, Day called for the government to deny services to the Orthodox community so they will move out of Rockland. Many in the community is supporting Democrat Maureen Porette, though some are saying they will sit out the race because of her liberal views on marriage.

In Ramapo, there is a race for town supervisor. Acting Supervisor Yitzchok Ullman — who took over earlier this year when Christopher St. Lawrence was convicted on corruption charges — is running for reelection as a town board member, not for supervisor. Many in the community are backing Michael Specht for supervisor, and Ullman and David Wanounou for town board. This is because the opponent for supervisor, Bill Weber, is a former Preserve Ramapo member. But he left that group and started his own New Direction for Ramapo line, which is running along with Shani Bechoffer and Grant Valentine.

{Kol Haolam}


  1. As a longtime Monsey resident, I am fed up with what has happened here. I voted for: Bill Weber, Shani Bechoffer and Grant Valentine.

  2. Bill Weber, who I voted for today (along with Bechhofer, Valentine, and Porette) was never a member of Preserve Ramapo.
    Does your writer have proof to the contrary or is he simply repeating the lies being told by the St Lawrence//Big Developers bloc?


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