Imagine a Yom Tov where Nobody is Hungry



Baruch Hashem this Purim season was incredible. We are on a high, having distributed in just two days with your help well over $500,000 to 5000 families. These are desperately poor families, for whom the $100 they each received is like hitting the jackpot.

But as we prepare for Pesach, the exhilaration comes crashing down. The desperate pleas for assistance are heart rending.

You’ve heard the stories.

Single mothers who barely get through the month but cannot contemplate Yom Tov expenses.

The family hit by illness that pushes them over the edge.

And the families that are deep in debt, unable to close each month.

Multiply these requests a thousand-fold and you have an idea of what Tzedaka organizations go through during the few weeks before Pesach.

Yad Eliezer has been addressing these issues for over 35 years and has developed the skills and infrastructure to deal with the myriad of requests in a dignified and responsible manner. We know how to verify the needs of the poor. And we have created a well lubricated system to get the assistance out there where it is most needed effectively.

We come to you once again to ask you to be our partner in this endeavor. After all, MaosChittim, aiding the poor to enable them to buy their needs for Pesach, is the opening line in the Code of Jewish Law in the section dealing with Pesach.

Yad Eliezer has a far reach in Israel with distribution in over 30 cities throughout the country. Besides helping thousands in the major metropolises, we reach out to communities that do not have access to resources, and who often fall between the cracks. Our website, will give you a better picture of what we do for Pesach as well as for the poor year ‘round.

Thank you for all of your past assistance, and wishing you and your best wishes for a Chag Kasher Vesameach.

What things cost at Yad Eliezer:

$250 provides 1 family with a food voucher and chicken for Yom Tov

$750 provides 10 families with chicken for Yom Tov

$2500 provides 10 families with a food voucher and chicken for Yom Tov

$7500 provides 100 families with chicken for Yom Tov




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