Illinois Governor Clarifies: ‘Vote For Anybody’ But The Nazi


Gov. Bruce Rauner on Thursday followed Sen. Ted Cruz’s lead and called for voters in a Chicago-area congressional district to “vote for anybody” but the avowed Nazi running as a Republican, POLITICO reports.

Rauner made the remarks after declining earlier this week to go as far as Cruz — who had publicly urged Illinois residents to vote for a Democrat, Rep. Dan Lipinski, or write in a candidate, rather than cast a ballot for Holocaust denier Arthur Jones. Jones captured the Republican nomination after running uncontested in the March primary.

Rauner had stopped just short of Cruz’s call to vote for a Democrat, saying merely that voters should write in a candidate in November — a statement that created another round of negative headlines about Jones’ candidacy on the Republican ticket.

“To the voters of the 3rd Congressional District: vote for anybody but Arthur Jones. Nazis have no place in our country and no one should vote for him,” Rauner said via Twitter. “For the media or anyone else to suggest I think otherwise is offensive and irresponsible.” Read more at POLITICO.



    • They never will. The leftist anti-semites hide behind the “legitimacy” of “human rights” as they push their anti Semitic propaganda. The GOP, at least until the arrival of Trump, always made it clear that they don’t care for the neo-Nazis who gravitate to the right and do not want to affiliate with them
      The right has the alt-right, which means there is a group that is not accepted as part of the mainstream right. On the other side, there is no alt-left, because the anti-semites are accepted as part of the mainstream left, there is nothing “alt” about them.

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