Illinois Couple Suing Neighbor for Calling Wife “Yenta”


yentaA Winnetka, Ill., couple say their lawsuit against a neighbor stems from his assault conviction and alleged anti-Semitism. Peggy and James Horstman are suing Paul Hoffman, 68, who was convicted in February of attacking James Horstman while the 55-year-old mowed his lawn, the Chicago Tribune reported today. Hoffman was sentenced to a year of court supervision.Peggy Horstman, who is Jewish, alleges Hoffman about two years ago began stalking her and saying “her people” were not wanted in the neighborhood. Hoffman once called her a “Yenta,” a Yiddish word for a “busybody or gossipy old woman,” Peggy Horstman said.

“I didn’t think things like this happen in this day and age,” said Peggy Horstman, 56, who doesn’t know how Hoffman found out she is Jewish. Her husband is Protestant.

The Horstmans’ lawsuit, filed last month in Cook County Circuit Court, alleges a “repeated course of intentional and malicious conduct to terrorize” them because of her Jewish ancestry.

Hoffman could not be reached for comment, the Tribune reported.

{UPI/Noam Newscenter}



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