Ilhan Omar Becomes First Muslim Woman Elected to Congress


Democrat Ilhan Omar became the first Muslim woman to be elected to Congress on Tuesday, winning the U.S. House race in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. The Associated Press reported that Omar defeated Republican candidate Jennifer Zielinski by several dozen percentage points.

Omar, a Somali-American, currently serves in the Minnesota state legislature. Additionally, in Michigan’s 13th congressional district, Democratic candidate Rashida Tlaib is running without a Republican opponent and is expected to join Omar as the first Muslim women elected to Congress.



  1. Interesting. This might actually be a good thing for frum people. If she is going to be able to wear her hijab, so should men be able to wear yarlmukas and women shaitels in all public places. That includes the racist TSA. They can’t discriminate against one but not the other.

    • There were two Muslim women elected to the House last night. I would not be so optimistic as you. If hijabs now, will Sharia come next? We need to keep an eye on these two. Hopefully, with such a narrow Democtrat edge, they will be ineffective.

  2. Im sorry to say you are fooling yourself if you think they wont discriminate
    against you but at the same time not discriminate against their own.
    Deh Stetel BreinT. Its time for lots of Tehillim. Please HKBH” fix this mess.


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