IDIOTIC: De Blasio Leads Anti-Trump Rally On Eve of Inauguration


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has gone off the rails. The liberal, left-leaning mayor arranged an anti-Trump rally outside of the Trump International Hotel in Columbus Circle on Thursday evening, CBS NEW YORK reports.

“Tomorrow, there will be a peaceful transfer of power. Tomorrow, Donald Trump will have power, but tomorrow you will have power as well,” de Blasio said. “Donald Trump may control the agenda in Washington, but we control our destiny as Americans.”

“We should not let anyone define us just by what we are against. We want to be defined by what we are for, what we believe in,” he added. “We believe in health care for all. We believe there should be opportunity for people regardless of what they look like or where they come from. We believe in a society for the 99 percent, not just the one percent. We believe in healing the wounds between our police and our communities, and making us all safer together. And we believe in protecting our precious Earth from the scourge of climate change.”

Among the others at the event was Rev. Al Sharpton.

There are some who said that participating in the rally was not a good idea for a mayor who looks to Washington for a lot of money, and a lot of favors. “The President of the United States is responsible for giving New York City billions of dollars every year in aid. Guess what, why don’t you just make the guy angry so he cuts you off?” political consultant, Hank Sheinkopf said, “It’s just not smart. Frankly it’s idiotic.”

Sheinkopf is right about the dollars and cents. City Hall gets $8.5-billion — everything from NYPD anti-terror training to child protection, and free school lunches for the needy. Read more at CBS NEW YORK.




  1. Idiot, is exactly the right word. I am ashamed that he is my mayor. He should be leading New York, in supporting the new president, helping him to succeed , so that we can all benefit.

  2. This mayor needs serious help. I am sure that his insurance covers being an inpatient at the Bellevue, and he should avail himself of that, before causing harm to himself and others.

  3. Deblabla is like a little spoiled baby who didn’t get his ice cream and is now making a temper tantrum. Very very immature of him. I’m surprised that the duffus made it to the rally on time. When does the moron ever come on time for anything?

  4. He ought be impeached for insubordination which is one of the tenets of his oath to office, aside from comment #2, anonymous, above!

  5. Oh, one more comment!
    He flew down with his wife for their honeymoon to Cuba when it was illegal: before his hero Obama legalized it! He was never charged. He’s used to breaking laws! The outcome of the various investigations on him will bear this out!

  6. This fool has presidential aspirations. That is why he is front and center at all these anti Trump protests. Like Hillary he is completely out of touch with the majority of people in this country. Hope he will become a private citizen very soon. Being a far left liberal is bad enough but this gnat brain is also completely incompetent.


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