IDF to Emboss Ten Commandments Emblem on Military Korans


aseres-hadibrosGil Ronen of Arutz Shevah reports that the IDF Rabbinate intends to emboss its emblem on military-issued Korans, according to IDF journal BaMachaneh. This may be the first time in history that an overtly Jewish symbol – the emblem of the Israel Defense Force Rabbinate – will be embossed on Muslim holy books. The Rabbinate’s emblem depicts the Aseres Hadibros, as well as the sword and olive branches that appear in numerous IDF logos. The IDF, according to the report, provides Korans for its Muslim soldiers. The idea for embossing the emblem on IDF Korans was raised by the Chief Jewish Chaplain for the French Army, Maj.-Gen. Rabbi Chaim Corsia, who visited the IDF last week. Rabbi nCorsia noticed that the IDF Rabbinate emblem is embossed upon the siddurim that the army hands out to frum soldiers, but does not appear on military Korans.

Rabbi Corsia pointed out the matter to the IDF’s Chief Rabbi, Brig.-Gen. Avichai Ronsky, who promised to recitify the situation, the military magazine reported.

“Not having the Military Rabbinate’s emblem on the Koran is a mistake,” Rabbi Corsia said according to the report. “If the IDF issues Korans to Muslim soldiers, that means the Koran is part of the army. I look at the Book of Tehillim and it has the stamp, but the Koran does not. In the French army this would not happen. This is an area in which we can help the IDF.”

Rabbi Corsia, accompanied by more than 20 Jewish chaplains from the French Army, ended a ten-day visit to Israel last week, two days of which were spent in the IDF.

{Arutz Shevah/Yair Israel}


  1. What does this Frenchman mean “it wouldn’t happen in France”? Do they put a cross chas vesholem on the tenach? Or what? It is bad enough giving out korans, do they give out new testaments to the christian soldiers too? Stam avoide zora, but what can you expect from the IDF? Not exactly the eida hachareidis lehavdil. That’s all halachic. Politically it’s also stupid. Why upset the arabs? They don’t need to serve in the army. Why upset them? Why missionise? And would you like it if they did it to you (crosses on the tanach etc chas vesholem)

  2. I agree with the previous posters. There is no need to put a Jewish symbol on a book of non-Jewish scripture. While I think it is proper for the IDF to provide each soldier with a copy of his or her holy book, it is not necessary to mark each one with a Jewish emblem. As noted above, if I were serving in a non-Jewish army I would not care to be issued a Tanach with a cross on it!

    A Muslim soldier serving in the IDF deserves the respect and consideration of the Army, especially since many of them may be criticized by their own groups for doing so.

  3. Judaism and Islam don’t mix.

    Herr Adolf Röjnl von Märsk (German)
    Mijnheer Hæglein van Truije (Dutch)

    Vienna, Austria
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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